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Meet The Team

  • Scarleth Mosqueda
    • Megan Mills
        Megan MillsCo-Director
      • Edward Torres
          Edward TorresRegistration Co-Chair
        • Vanessa Puente
            Vanessa PuenteRegistration Co-Chair
          • Eliza Perkins
              Eliza PerkinsInternal Volunteer Coordinator
            • Cale Dodson
                Cale DodsonExternal Volunteer Coordinator
              • Jacob Ramirez
                  Jacob RamirezLogistics/Operations
                • Miguel Cortez
                    Miguel CortezLogistic/Operations


                  • Sydney Adams
                      Sydney AdamsCommunication Chair
                    • Kristin Moreno
                        Kristin MorenoCommunication Assistant
                      • Bethany Tenerias
                          Bethany TeneriasDevelopment Co-Chair
                        • Marlety Ramirez
                            Marlety RamirezDevelopment Co-Chair
                          • Amanda Piña
                              Amanda PiñaDirector Assistant